Learning Resources

Nashville Area Short Term Rental Association

  1. Getting started in Nashville FAQs

  2. Follow on Facebook!

Rent Responsibly

For hosts who care about responsible hosting (which should be EVERYONE)

Vacation Rental Glossary of Terms by Lodgify

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog (VRMB) by Matt Landau

  1. Here is a great summarization of the inner circle filmed at the vacation rental women’s summit in february 2019 in NOLA

  2. Unlocked Podcast by Matt Landau

  3. The Vacation Rental Show by Matt Landau

The Distinguished Guest for lists, blogs and more by Alanna Schroede

  1. New to Short Term Rental FB Group

Tyann Marcink for Photography, Websites and more

Lodgify Blog


(an “mls” for vacation rental properties)

  1. Vacation Rental Income Calculator (note: you must be a member to access. Membership is FREE).

Certified Vacation Rental Agent Certification

This is for the real estate agents out there! this course is created by industry experts Heather Bayer and Erica Muller.

  1. Teaches agents how to appropriately value a vacation rental property

  2. Great lead generator for agents wanting to capture the vacation rental opportunity

Vacation Rental Advocacy Playbook

For those who are trying to who are working towards fair regulation and advocacy in their cities (and beyond). I am honored to have been a part of the creation of the playbook!

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