Grow Your Email Marketing Database

StayFi is a system I have been utilizing in my own rentals for just about a year now to help grow my email database. In the past, I would only be able to collect the email of the guest who initially booked one of our spaces but not all of the guests that were staying. 

Utilizing StayFi, in order to login to my Wifi, all guests staying in the home receive a prompt to join our WiFi network and they simply enter their name and email address which then funnels into mailchimp. Now, I am able to collect the emails of ALL guests staying which has helped me grow my email database exponentially. 

Once those emails get into Mailchimp, we have an automated message flow that they then receive which includes a welcome to the property with link to our Touchstay Digital Welcome & Guidebook (in case the booker didn’t share with them), encouragement to engage with us on social media & then follows up with them in messages with prompts for them to leave a review & join our monthly newsletter. 

Recently, StayFi published a great blog post with some free Mailchimp message templates that you can take advantage of, too! Be sure to check them (and of course, StayFi out).


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